Duval Freelance is a small but fearless writing business – the result of passion, courage,
talent, and determination. In 2013, Melanie Duval-Smith made the transition from an extensive healthcare career to the profession of her dreams – writing.

A keen observer of personalities, relationships, language, and culture; Melanie’s ability to relate to anyone is a distinct asset, fostering a quick, easy rapport with clients and subjects alike. Thereafter, her natural curiosity allows her to gently delves deeper, delivering original, authentic content which breaks the mold.

Melanie’s natural writing style is articulate, perceptive and engaging. Possessing an acute ear for dialogue, she’ll spot a compelling hook in any story, weaving narratives you’ll love about a broad range of people and things; professional biographies, company profiles, architecture, Thoroughbred racing, building, real estate, photography, and cuisine; just to name a few.

Quietly confident, Melanie needs minimal direction to get the job done, taking the initiative to save you unnecessary stress and double-handling. Over two decades of post-graduate study and career progression has cultivated a routine practice of due diligence and academic rigor where necessary.

Duval Freelance has proven to be a persuasive market influencer, seen in a variety of print & online publications including Uno Magazine, Bay Life Magazine, and a well-received weekly column in The Bay of Plenty Times,  Melanie also offers the considerable advantage of a solid I.T. skill base, creating blogs and managing social media requirements, graphics layout, and image editing.

A flourishing portfolio demonstrates the fulfillment of Melanie’s vision, and her capacity to write about virtually anything. Duval Freelance has accumulated an impressive client base whose testimonials praise her skill in interpreting and translating their message in exactly the way they’d intended;  ‘Content like you mean it.’


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Photography: http://mareewilkinson.com/