A Skin Centre Project

A background in healthcare comes in very handy as a writer, supplying me with a wealth of fascinating insight into human nature in all its various forms. Nursing builds vital communication skills with the ability to relate empathetically to anyone and teaches you the valuable life-skill of suspending personal judgements about others. It has also allowed me the privilege of writing knowledgeably for people and

It has also allowed me the privilege of writing knowledgeably for people and organisations who dedicate their lives to caring for other’s well-being, often in highly specialised fields.

Take Tauranga’s esteemed Skin Centre for example. They set a standard of excellence in dermatology, rating amongst the best in New Zealand. I’m currently working with their exceptional team to create informative patient-focused website content about skin disorders.

Using complex medical reference material, I’ve translated the relevant details into educational client information pages which don’t require a medical degree to understand and won’t leave people with more questions than they started with. My aim has been to convey Skin Centre’s message in an appropriately professional, yet unintimidating tone, which leaves the reader reassured that there is excellent help available and that they’ve come to just the right place.

To read the introduction to the series, simply click on the link below.



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