Photographer’s Bio

It’s funny to see how many twists and turns a journey can take to lead you back to the beginning.

My love for photography has never been in doubt. I threw my hat in the ring at the tender age of 16, photographing for the school magazine and quickly discovered the delights of the darkroom, toiling for hours on bizarre double exposures and curious collages. I was hooked. I went on to study photography at Wellington School of Business, and travel and adventure lured me overseas soon after.

After a few side ventures, mostly spent proving that other vocations left me wanting, I fell in love with Matt and we settled in Mount Maunganui. With no shortage of stunning seascapes, I re-embraced my affinity with the camera, whilst raising our two children, Jett and Milly, and our ever-present pooch, Frankie. All three regularly fill the position of resident muse. To keep the creativity flowing, I can be found scouring second-hand shops for vintage props, and I maintain inner balance by spending time with family and friends, often travelling the country in our camper-van.

That early infatuation for the darkroom has been replaced by a passion for innovating, editing, and applying every ounce of energy I have the creation of imagery with a distinct style. Though my photographic journey has taken me through numerous portraits, editorial, and fashion shoots, I have a love affair with wedding photography – it indulges my enthusiasm for shooting people, flowers and food, in one perfect package.

My weddings have taken me all over New Zealand, and further afield to Sydney and San Francisco. I’m proud to have my work featured in NZ Weddings Magazine, Bride & Groom Magazine, UNO Magazine, Simply You Magazine, plus local wedding blog Magnolia Rouge and international blog Style Me Pretty.

My foremost goal is to create original imagery that is eye-catching, engaging and resonates with people’s desires and aspirations.

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