About Me

My childhood was defined by a deep love of reading, writing, and language; forming the backdrop for my life as I discovered the world, and my place in it.

Channelling those early passions into a vocation has been a lifelong dream which sprang to life in 2013. The result was Duval Freelance; a small but fearless writing business, built with dogged determination and a refusal to bow to self-doubt. In the process, I found I had a handy knack for taking untapped concepts out of people’s heads and translating them onto the page; conveying your message in just the way you intended.

If I was pushed, I’d describe myself as an overactive thinker with an enquiring mind and an irreverent sense of humour. Others have suggested “hopeless romantic conflicted by innate realism.” Boredom is my nemesis, which explains why marketing content is so appealing, offering both diversity and connection – the core elements of quality copywriting. Connection leads to discovery, which exposes the very best parts of you, your message and your brand voice.

You can expect to receive thoughtful, original, and engaging content which captures your audience’s imagination and keeps them reading past the first paragraph – my ‘no-sigh guarantee.’






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