About Me

My childhood was defined by a deep love of reading, writing, and language; a constant backdrop for my life as I discovered the world and my place in it. Channelling these early passions into a vocation has been my lifelong dream, and now, the pinnacle of my career.

I love writing of any kind, but content creation complements my energetic and inquisitive nature with fluid subject matter and diverse writing styles. It also fulfils my need for interaction and connection with people. I feel a great degree of satisfaction from translating a client’s concept into bright, captivating copy which reflects their brand voice completely.

The inspiration for my writing comes from many sources; my partner, family, friends, travel, cuisine, and extensive experience in the healthcare industry. I am a keen observer of people, relationships, language and culture and these regularly influence my frame of reference.

Mount Maunganui is home, where I live with my partner Dan and my two children, Jack and Lucy. When not writing, I love to travel with my family in our small but perfectly formed camper, and surf at a level way below what my years of practice should reflect.

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