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My childhood was defined by a deep love of reading, writing, and language, forming a constant backdrop for my life as I discovered the world and my place in it.

Channelling those early passions into a vocation has been a lifelong dream which sprang to life in 2013. The result? Duval Freelance – a small but fearless writing business, built with a hefty dose of courage, a heap of hard work, dogged determination and a refusal to bow to countless moments of self-doubt. In the process, I discovered I had a handy knack for taking fabulous ideas out of people’s heads and translating them into words; written to convey their message in just the way they’d intended.

If I had to, I’d loosely describe myself as an overactive thinker with a curious mind and irreverent sense of humour. Others have suggested ‘hopeless romantic frequently conflicted by innate cynicism.’ One thing I know for sure is that boredom is my nemesis, which is why marketing content is so appealing.

Us busy thinkers thrive on diversity and connection, and those elements always exist at the core of quality content. An endless array of subject matter and writing techniques fuel my creativity and engagement, which is great for me, but what’s the upside for you? Quite a lot, if I do say so myself, but let me put it in a nutshell. You’ll receive original, meaningful content that will accurately reflect your brand voice, capture your audience’s imagination and, most importantly, keep them reading past the first sentence. I call it my ‘no-sigh guarantee.’

If you asked me that dreadful question: “What sets you apart?”, I’d have a brief internal battle about the pros and cons of big-noting, then man up because it’s not really that hard. I believe it’s the thrill I get from establishing a positive relationship with people. If you’re like me, then you’ll be familiar with the desire to emit an excited high-pitched “Eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!” when you get something bang-on. I have that after almost every subject interview or client meeting. Why? I get a buzz from the genuine feeling that I’ve made a friend, and not because it’ll look good on my social media stats.

Establishing rapport is the key to every worthwhile piece I’ve written. Aside from the obvious feel-good factor, establishing a personal connection means I discover the very best parts of you, your message or your brand, and I’ll want to do my absolute best to present those qualities authentically and persuasively. You’ll see a better, more relatable article, often with compellingly candid dialogue and fresh, insightful angles.

Time away from writing brings inspiration too, most often via my family, friends, travel, and cuisine, all of which regularly influence my frame of reference. I’m lucky enough to call Mount Maunganui home, where I live with my partner, Dan, my two children, Jack and Lucy, and more recently, our canine baby, Wolfie – did someone say “love”?

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