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Word To Your Mother

It was my Mum’s birthday last week, and as anyone with a parent in their eighth decade knows, they’re tricky to buy for. To make things worse, I was a little budget-challenged. Somewhat desperate, I started to seriously consider that convenient “It’s the thought that counts” platitude. The theory has never officially been proven, mostly because it’s […]

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A Skin Centre Project

A background in healthcare comes in very handy as a writer, supplying me with a wealth of fascinating insight into human nature in all its various forms. Nursing builds vital communication skills with the ability to relate empathetically to anyone and teaches you the valuable life-skill of suspending personal judgements about others. It has also allowed me […]

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Holding Off The Grinch

As a youngster, when a disillusioned adult said something puzzling, like “I hate Christmas”, I used to feel a bit sorry for them. It seemed weird to have such bleak outlook, it was depressing, and I distinctly remember thinking ‘I’m never going to be like you.’ Sure enough, the Saturday before last at our local […]

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