Would anyone second that?

  • Firstly thank you… for your professionalism and dedication to doing your job to the standard delivered. Showing us all what excellence looks like, believe it or not, it’s a rarity! You stand a roaring mile ahead of the rest in what you do. Some people take years to learn that and deliver it in such a way that the results speak for themselves – you do that and have done in the short space of time in your writing career and always for Nosh.” Jo Blennerhassett, Owner, Nosh Food Market, Mt Maunganui
  • “I must say your wording has made a remarkable change to my new website, it took it to a level that I could not achieve, thanks heaps.” Mark Cashmore, Landscape Architect and Designer, Mark Cashmore Design
  • “Great collaboration!” Pippa Russell, Director, Clever Bird
  • I LOVE it.  Just the changes the email needed to elevate it to the next level.” Katie O’Connell, Owner and Photographer, Quinn and Katie Photography
  • WOW, you are a great writer, I wish my mind would think and write like yours! Thanks for describing me so well!” Sam Vo, Ray White Real Estate Salesperson  samvo.raywhite.co.nz
  • Thanks, Mel, this looks great, and I love your style of writing, its a whole new approach for us and it’s amazing!!!” Natalie Cranfield, Marketing Manager, Classic Builders http://www.classicbuilders.co.nz/


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