Word To Your Mother

It was my Mum’s birthday last week, and as anyone with a parent in their eighth decade knows, they’re tricky to buy for. To make things worse, I was a little budget-challenged. Somewhat desperate, I started to seriously consider that convenient “It’s the thought that counts” platitude. The theory has never officially been proven, mostly because it’s a lie.

Undeterred, I decided to create a magazine mock-up, the ideal platform to illustrate the depth of my love and gratitude for the woman who brought me into this world. I could have gone down the sentimental route, taken some inspiration from birthday greetings guru, John Sands, perhaps? But then I’d have to hate myself forever, and that’s a long time. Yes, the content is a little glib, some might say smart-arsed – my father did, but then he and Mum made me, so they’ve only got themselves to blame.

Long story short, it was fun. I merrily cracked myself up with my own funnies, which is great because other people’s birthdays are a lot more fun when you make your own pleasure the focus. It did take a little longer than I’d like to admit; in fact, if I’d invoiced her, she probably could have bought a helicopter ride or a three-month Bikram yoga membership, or any number of gifts she also didn’t want.

In a happy coincidence, Mum also got a chuckle or two out of it, which enhanced the primary benefit of my enjoyment. Well, she said she did, and when I asked Dad, he said he thought so but he was at the dairy at the time, so couldn’t be positive. Good enough for me. Conclusion? My new and improved theory; “It’s the chuckles that count (especially if they’re your own).”

Thank you, my lovely, patient, loyal, kind, long suffering yet predominantly good natured mother who possesses the enviable ability to knit up a storm of Vogue-esque beanies and scarfs at the merest hint (fawn hat, black scarf please) – Happy Birthday, I loves ya! xoxo.


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A Skin Centre Project

A background in healthcare comes in very handy as a writer, supplying me with a wealth of fascinating insight into human nature in all its various forms. Nursing builds vital communication skills with the ability to relate empathetically to anyone and teaches you the valuable life-skill of suspending personal judgements about others. It has also allowed me the privilege of writing knowledgeably for people and

It has also allowed me the privilege of writing knowledgeably for people and organisations who dedicate their lives to caring for other’s well-being, often in highly specialised fields.

Take Tauranga’s esteemed Skin Centre for example. They set a standard of excellence in dermatology, rating amongst the best in New Zealand. I’m currently working with their exceptional team to create informative patient-focused website content about skin disorders.

Using complex medical reference material, I’ve translated the relevant details into educational client information pages which don’t require a medical degree to understand and won’t leave people with more questions than they started with. My aim has been to convey Skin Centre’s message in an appropriately professional, yet unintimidating tone, which leaves the reader reassured that there is excellent help available and that they’ve come to just the right place.

To read the introduction to the series, simply click on the link below.



The Seer’s Grin

Nerves jangling, souls unshored, far from home with absent moor,

Flashbacks grant a clarity, unmarred by yang’s polarity,

Flaws favoured, fancies filled, surrendered all while bodies thrilled,

Now facades have peeled away,, exposing truth’s cold light of day,

Attractions flutter, slow masquerade, is what’s left worth forfeits bade?

Did the heart weigh the slaughter, the fate of  blood over water,

Quicker now as saline thins, though scant by eye; and seer grins,

He’d laughed aloud at soulmate’s dance, again at grappling ghost of chance,

Kiss to palm, don’t  make it so, this pain must be our true love’s show?


Pieces Of Heaven

The very first spoon of every day,

That look in your eyes which gives you away,

A cup of tea and a mandarin,

The space at your side at 3 a.m.,

Agility, ability, a glimpse of fragility,

Magnetic attraction fuels possibility,

Unbidden affections, calloused hands, random dances, nothing planned,

Stormy seas, shifting sands, fighting demons, finding land.